Sunday, 20/1/2019 | 3:58 UTC-5
The Witness Newspaper

12 Things Only Wilmington College Students Understand

Every college is different despite the generalized experience all of us college students go through. Here is a compilation of experiences only Wilmington College students will understand:

Realizing it’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Main Campus Being Closed.


Quaker Man.

Eating Lunch During an Admissions Event

Wading Through Puddles During a Storm

Sue Reynolds Saying “Hi”

Studying Hard on Wednesday Nights.

“Q+A” Sessions by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Walking Through the Arboretum.

Turning Left onto 22 from College St.

Climbing the Stairs in Bailey Hall

Petting Phoebe.

Layne Frederick

Layne Frederick is a second year student and Copy Editor of The Witness. He double majors in Communication Arts and Mathematics and has a minor in Theatre. He is interested in the performing arts and enjoys watching television shows and reading books. He is also involved with STEM Society and a variety of other organizations on campus.


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