Tuesday, 26/3/2019 | 8:42 UTC-4
The Witness Newspaper
  • Different, Not Less

    The zebra is the official symbol of rare diseases because each zebra’s stripes are unique to them, and each person with a rare disease is unique to them. Thus, the zebra is synonymous Rare Disease Day occurs on Feb. 28 of each year. A rare disease is a disease that affects fewer than 200,000 people.

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  • 10 Year Challenge: The Help

    We are in the middle of February which means once again we are in the middle of celebrating Black History Month. And what better way to celebrate this important time of reflection than to discuss the monumentous novel “The Help” during its 10-year anniversary? Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s has strong connotations and is the

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  • Upcoming Play to be Radiant

    Every spring, Wilmington College puts on their annual play. Last year, Wynn Alexander directed “Early Dark,” a story about a young southern woman and man, the passion (or lack thereof) between the two, and the complications of their relationship. The play was very well received by its audiences, mostly due to the fresh faces that

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  • Deals You’ll Love for the Day of Love

    Valentine’s Day and college can be a tricky combination. We all want to treat our special someone to a special something, but we’re also poor, so hopefully, these deals can make it easier: B-dubs: Because Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday, so you can celebrate Boneless Thursday, where you can get 60 cent wings all day!

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