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DNA Discussion About Respecting the Flag

Tuesday, October 17, the DNA had a discussion about respecting the flag and what it has to do with the NFL. They had several guest speakers, retired veterans and teachers who taught at Wilmington. Those in attendance included Arc Brooks, the first multicultural affairs director, three retired veterans, and campus staff.

“This is an organism not an organization. I feel like if we say it’s a club or group, not many people are going to want to be in it or feel included.” – Chip Murdock

Chip Murdock, Advisor of DNA, started off the discussion explaining what DNA is and how it helps with situations on campus. “This is an organism not an organization,” he shared. “I feel like if we say it’s a club or group, not many people are going to want to be in it or feel included. I want everyone to have a voice.”

Bryan Moore, Football Coach

The discussion went on and each of the veterans talked about their view on it and all stood at the same place. “You have the right to kneel but there are consequences,” said retired Sergeant Bob Brown. He opened up on how he fought for people to freely practice their rights as citizens. Even the football coaches got a chance to voice how they feel. “It’s about the person and why they do it,” Coach Moore explained.

Later in the discussion Chip asked students to form groups and have a talk about what their “team” would do during this time. Looking over,it went rather well and the students all came to the same agreement. The event ended on a light note and people were shocked about others responses. Chip Murdock does hope that there are more talks like this and it can b a way to settle arguments and have a safe place to express how a person feels. Whenever there id a situation or issue going on on campus, he wants someone to step up and see how they can come to a conclusion. DNA is all about being together, not falling apart.

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