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International Club Shares Cultures through Food

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pictured: Marissa Johnson, representing food from South Korea

On Tuesday, November 14, the International Club held their annual festival in the McCoy room of the Kelly Center. The festival was made up of different dishes, presented by international and American students, from various countries around the world. The goal of the International Festival was to try and make Wilmington College students more aware of the world around us.

Several countries were represented at the festival. Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, and Italy were just a few.

Marissa Johnson, a sophomore member of the International Club that is majoring in Communications and Marketing, describes the International Festival as an event that “gets students at Wilmington College familiar with other cultures other than their own.”

Students do not have to be an international student to be apart of the club. Any Wilmington College student can join.

Marissa continues, “ We [members of the club] take a culture that we are familiar with or are personally impacted by and then we share it with the community.”

The word “community” was used a lot during the event. Alumni students, professors, and current students attended to show their support.   

We would like for our International Festival to create a sense of community on campus. – Randy Sarvis, International Club Advisor

Randy Sarvis, director of public relations and International Club advisor, states, “We would like for our International Festival to create a sense of community on campus. We invite everybody and it is free of charge.”

The festival exposes students to a variety of cultures and allows them to get to know the international students on campus.

Abram Werle, student attending festival

Randy continues, “We want people who come to the festival to have a greater realization for the presence of international students and culture on our campus.”  

Ellen Nilback, an international student from Sweden, prepared a dish from Denmark called, “Smørrebrød.” The term loosely translates to “sandwiches.”

Ellen shares, “I chose this country because I live twenty minutes from Denmark and I like their food. The Swedish language and the Danish language are very alike. Even though we do not speak the same language, we can understand each other.”

Students and staff were highly engaged throughout the evening. They were asking questions, trying a smorgasbord of food, and getting to know one another.

Abram Werle, a freshman from Kentucky, said, “My favorite part was trying different foods from different countries and being able to experience their cultures.”

The International Festival impacted many students and allowed them to walk away with a better understanding of the world we live in.  


Ariana Riccardi

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