Saturday, 20/4/2019 | 5:12 UTC-4
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What Time is it? Summertime! We’re on Staycation!

An increasingly popular and fun vacation is the stay-at-home-vacation or the “staycation.” Staycation is a fancy term for spending your time off at home. As college students, we work all summer to save for the upcoming school year; however, we need a break, and we definitely like to have fun. Below are ten things to do over the summer that are cheap or free!

  1. Get the bike out. There are thousands of miles of dedicated bike trails. Go for a ride.
  2. Go shopping.  Make a trip to your local mall. Window shop or splurge on yourself, and plan a wardrobe for the upcoming year.
  3. Take a nap.  Hey, vacations are to escape from daily life and to relax.  Catch up on sleep in that hammock.
  4. Take a hike.  Walking is the best exercise.  Find some kind of park or scenic area and plan a hike. You can even nap in the hammock there, too!
  5. Read a book.  You don’t have to be sitting in a faraway place to settle in with a good summer read.
  6. Host barbecue.  Have the extended family over or host a block party.  Ask everyone to bring something and share.
  7. Go Paddle-boarding or Canoeing. If there is a river, lake, or ocean nearby, chances are pretty good there is also a paddle-board or canoe rental facility nearby as well. Both are a fun way to enjoy the water and to test your skills.
  8. Tackle a family project. Have you been wanting to redecorate your room?
  9. Get crafty. Have you tried to make the project you pinned forever ago?
  10. Backyard Camp-out. Sleeping under the stars is a welcomed change of scenery. Plus, no bears.
Grace Barger

My name is Grace Barger, and I am a junior studying English Education. One day I hope to obtain my Ph.D. and become an English professor. I enjoy painting my nails, organizing, and reading.


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