A change for WC baseball team

Cameron Schwalbach
Staff Writer

The Wilmington College baseball team recently scrimmaged the College of Mount St. Joseph at Tewksbury-Delaney field on September 29, 2012.

The two teams scrimmage during the fall, then play each other in the spring during the regular season. At this particular scrimmage, the Wilmington team was anxious to test their skills. The team consists of four seniors and one junior. They were excited to test their ability against Mount St. Joseph.

Throughout 16 innings, they struggled with hitting, but their defense and pitching was very strong. Coach Tony Haley stated, “[h]itting will come. We have all winter to get better at the plate. I am really impressed with our defensive improvements.”

The Quaker team has been working diligently to improve their defensive performance.They now need to expand their skills to offense in order to be more well-rounded team and increase their chances of a winning season. Their pitching and defense helped them stay close in the scrimmage.

In this regard, Coach Haley stated, “[D]efense comes first, then pitching, and hitting comes last. We will continue to practice and get better every day. It just takes time.”

As a whole, the team was pleased with their first scrimmage.

“The players used their young talent, with great defense and some timely hitting,” said Haley. The Wilmington baseball team used the fall scrimmage season to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare for their regular season, which will start at the beginning of March in Florida.

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