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A Student’s Toolbox

Many people say that a student has to put effort into failing in order to do so at Wilmington College. That is because there are so many resources on campus to assist students; the Student Resource Center (SRC) located in RCC has many tools and resources available to help students succeed.

One such resource is the Quaker Writing Center. The mission of the Quaker Writing Center (QWC) is to support all students enrolled in all classes at Wilmington College at any point in the writing process as they complete any academic, creative, professional, or personal writing assignment. The director and staff at the QWC are dedicated to helping students become better writers. They embrace Wilmington College’s core values to form an inclusive and constructive environment for all members of the WC community. Appointments can be scheduled in half-hour time blocks to reserve time to talk with a writing assistant about any concerns. The assistants can cover every phase of a paper from drafting to editing. To make an appointment, a student can physically sign up in a binder located in the entrance of the QWC or by filling out this form:

Another service offered is tutoring. The SRC offers both individual and group tutoring in a variety of subjects. Tutoring appointments generally last between 30 and 60 minutes, one to two times per week. A tutor can be found for any subject; by utilizing a tutor, students generally improve a half to a full letter grade. To receive a tutor, a student can stop by the SRC and fill out a yellow form or visit the following link: It can sometimes take a few days to find a tutor, so do not wait until the last minute to get help in a class.

The Math Center is very similar to the QWC, for they are available to help with mathematics problem. In the Math Center, students can receive individual assistance in any course that uses math or arithmetic. Help is available during regular hours or on an appointment basis. The Math Center is located in CSA 202 (right above Sandella’s). No appointment is necessary, just visit with questions and be ready to learn!

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is also offered. SI sessions are similar to one-on-one tutoring sessions, except they are for more difficult courses where the whole class is welcome to attend. Regular study sessions led by trained SI leaders are held on a weekly basis. SI leaders are students who have completed the course, achieved a high grade, and work with the course instructor to help students learn the material. Current SI schedules can be found posted in RCC or by stopping by the SRC and obtaining a copy.

Shown: Brook Edwards

On a more individual basis, students needing additional support can receive accommodations in their classes or on tests. This means students can have extended testing time, taking exams in a quiet, calm environment, or any other accommodation that will help them learn their material. The SRC assists the Disability Services Office in providing those supports. In order to obtain learning accommodations, a student must be approved through the Disabilities Office.

If you have questions about the SRC, the services provided, or would like to be a tutor, stop by and ask Brook Edwards, the director of the SRC who is always willing to answer questions and lend a helping hand.  To learn more about the QWC and how they can assist, contact the QWC director Chris Collins or stop by and ask one of the assistants. And finally, if you are curious about the Math Center, contact Liz Haynes, the director of the Math Center, or ask any of the student tutors working.

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