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Ally Drive Increases Campus Support for Spectra

On Friday November 3, Spectra had their first Ally Drive in Dining Rooms C & D. They talked about the importance of having allies in the community. Guest speakers Chip Murdock, Sue Lucas, and Emily Hale talked about about their experiences growing up being an ally and Sue and Emily talked about how much allies have helped them throughout their lives.

Sue began with opening up about her struggle with being gay in such a closed-minded place. Opening up to her family and friends was like breaking through a brick wall. She and her wife had a hard time bringing their relationship to their loved ones with fear of being disowned. Even though they faced many difficulties, they managed to finally love publicly without shame. She told the group how her mother and friends stood by her side. “No matter how far we get, our fight is never over” were her final words before ending her speech.

“No matter how far we get, our fight is never over” – Sue Lucas

Emily Hale, Spectra’s Secretary, also talked about her life growing up. She was nervous in the beginning of her speech, but soon she became comfortable and started talking about her mother and how she was able to overcome the fear of keeping her sexuality to herself. She gained much support through her school and friends when she first came out. When she was in high school she became more involved in her school’s GSA club, being an active voice for it. “Through the help of my grandfather and mom being my allies, our club went from being a small group of parents with gay kids to actually being a school organization that was student led,” Emily said.

Chip Murdock, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, talked about being a ally for his own son. He didn’t understand it at first but learned how to be an ally for him throughout the years. He now participates with LGBTQ+ students on the campus. He also spoke about how much of an impact students can make on campus through support and moving the organization forward. “The more support Spectra gets from allies, the better it is for them to grow,” said Chip.

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