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Announcing the Spring Production of “Early Dark”

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photo: Hugh G. Heiland Theatre

Since the beginning of the new semester, the question on everyone’s mind has been “What will the next show be?” The Theatre Department announced the show last Thursday; the spring production will be Early Dark.

Published in 1977, Early Dark is written by Reynolds Price. The play discusses many social issues that are still relative today all the while it focuses on strong character developments.

The play follows the life of Rosa, a young woman from northeastern North Carolina. Her family has her perfect future planned out – find a man, have children, and be happy. Rosa believes she has found the man for her, but, returning fresh from the army, he does not like the idea of commitment. Meanwhile, Rosa’s childhood friend has died during childbirth. She wants to attend the funeral, but her family is hesitant. They believe Rosa shouldn’t go to a funeral for an African American. Rosa is plagued with many uncertainties, forcing her to find her own beliefs and decide her own future.

Wynn Alexander will be directing this production. “I have been wanting to give [my actors] a really big challenge for a while now. The goal for this show is to find the best way to do that – challenge them” Alexander disclosed during the announcement meeting.

The play has many captivating qualities about it; it is very southern gothic in nature in its discussion of love and society.

Nic Keller attended the meeting and remarked, “the play is a fantastic choice. It covers so many important issues and will be a challenging, yet fun, play for the actors. I am excited for the challenge.”

Jessica Fair in the Fall 2017 Production “Avenue Q”

The play will have many characters that need to be casted. Any Wilmington student is welcome to audition and join the production team.

“I am glad there is an opportunity to have a big cast because more people can get involved. This is something unlike anything we have ever done. I am eager for this learning experience because most of us do ‘funny’ very well, but not necessarily ‘serious.’ This will really challenge us, and I cannot wait to be involved!” disclosed Jessica Fair, a theatre veteran.

“I am glad there is an opportunity to have a big cast because more people can get involved. This is something unlike anything we have ever done.” – Jessica Fair, theatre veteran

Another veteran of the program is Keni Brown. Brown expressed similar thoughts on the play’s obstacles that the actors and actresses must overcome. She also added, “the audience is going to have to do some soul-searching for what they believe is morally correct.” One of the many wonderful reasons to attend live theatre.

Early Dark is a must-see play that will inspire audiences to ponder what they value in life. The performances will run April 12-14, 2018, in the Heiland Theater.

Layne Frederick

Layne Frederick is a second year student and Copy Editor of The Witness. He double majors in Communication Arts and Mathematics and has a minor in Theatre. He is interested in the performing arts and enjoys watching television shows and reading books. He is also involved with STEM Society and a variety of other organizations on campus.


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