APB Has Students “Mind Blown”


Ashley Fox

Staff Writer

            The Activity Programming Board of Wilmington College brought in mentalist, Christopher Carter for some mind blowing entertainment for Homecoming weekend. Carter has performed all over the country and has been named “Entertainer of the year” by Campus Activities Magazine. He has also been known as the “worlds greatest mind reader”. Carter is a specialist in hypnosis, illusions, and reading people and used these techniques during his show last Friday. Many of his tricks include simply reading body language and body cues such as the dilation of the eyes when lying.

             Everyone’s reactions and participation were a great component to the show. His acts were very believable and people actually left the show mind boggled. “This was the biggest crowd we’ve had for an event like this and it was really cool to see the crowd participation” raved Rebecca Miller, active member of APB. Among some of his great acts was a crowd participation act. Everyone was given a blank card and pencil on the way in and had to write their names, a number of significance, and a question on the card. Carter duct-taped two coins onto his eyes and then taped a black blindfold to his face. Carter was able to pick names off the cards and revealed personal and comical things about the audience participants without seeing the cards.

            APB has proven that they are bringing in some great entertainment for students for the 2013-2014 academic year. The homecoming performance will surely have students at the edge of their seats for the next activity. 

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