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The Ultimate Guide for Buying Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is slowly approaching which leaves college students aghast. As students, we have a ton of things to worry about this time of year. Finals are creeping up on us, papers need to be typed, books need returned, and studying needs to be done. The last thing on our mind is Christmas shopping for our loved ones back home. Even when we get around to perusing the shelves we tend to have insufficient funds, but do not fret, there are a number of reasonably priced items for each…

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International Club Shares Cultures through Food

pictured: Marissa Johnson, representing food from South Korea On Tuesday, November 14, the International Club held their annual festival in the McCoy room of the Kelly Center. The festival was made up of different dishes, presented by international and American students, from various countries around the world. The goal of the International Festival was to try and make Wilmington College students more aware of the world around us. Several countries were represented at the festival. Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, and Italy were just a few. Marissa Johnson, a sophomore member…

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What’s the Peace Corps Prep Program All About?

The Peace Corps Prep Program (PCPP) is a certified program that demonstrates competency in areas that the Peace Corps has identified as key areas for individuals who want to be successful in international volunteer work. The PCPP is for students who want to help others by volunteering abroad in a variety of countries. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a certificate which can be used in resumes when applying for jobs or even graduate school. This program offers a competitive edge that will make any resume stand out. Dylan…

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