Saturday, 20/4/2019 | 4:46 UTC-4
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  • Movies In Review: Thor Ragnarok

    Thor Ragnarok, the latest edition in the Thor trilogy, is a wonderfully funny, charismatic, colorful and exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic mythos. If I wasn’t laughing throughout the entire movie, then I was on the edge of my seat watching the action unfold. If I wasn’t laughing throughout the entire movie, then I was

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  • Balancing Student Life and Off-Campus Jobs

    Work is hard. You have school work, homework, work work, so much work that the word work doesn’t even sound like an actual working word anymore. With so much work to do you’d think it’d be impossible for you or other students to have more work outside of school. Well of course you know that

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  • Why I Ride My Bike 10 Miles to School

    Riding bicycles has many benefits to offer, such as increased cardiovascular fitness, improved flexibility, weight loss and many more things to gain when going for a ride. Of course, to really see those changes on average you must ride a bicycle anywhere from thirty to forty minutes at a time which translates roughly to 15

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  • The Best Places to Milk your Student Discount Online

    Are you like me, in that you really love to buy unnecessary things, especially over the Internet? And isn’t it always better to buy those things with a discount? Well lucky for you, you’re in college, meaning that you are entitled to a huge discount on almost everything! You better make use of your discount

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  • It’s Not Always Easy to Be a Commuter

    Everyone knows a commuter student. You see them going to classes, reading at the library, maybe eating lunch at the Top. But you never see them walk into their dorm at the end of the day. Instead they have a pretty comfy bed at home, with their parents fixing food for them, and some much-needed

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  • The Art and Soul Festival, the First of its Kind

    As the first of its kind, The Art and Soul Festival, set up by the Main Street Wilmington Organization, hit off Saturday September 16th with a bang! Over 40 different kinds of vendors showed up to sell their wares, along with a few local food trucks. They showed off some cool art handcrafted by local

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