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Balancing Student Life and Off-Campus Jobs

Shelby at the National FFA Convention

Work is hard. You have school work, homework, work work, so much work that the word work doesn’t even sound like an actual working word anymore.

With so much work to do you’d think it’d be impossible for you or other students to have more work outside of school. Well of course you know that other students have off-campus jobs, otherwise why would I have written this article?

Speaking with Shelby Griffith, a full-time employee of Tractor Supply Company AND an ambassador for Cooper Tires, she told me that on average she works 30+ hours a week, compound that with her school life and she’s got one messy schedule. But to remedy this fact she also said, “I have to have a set routine of everything I am going to do. On Sunday nights, I sit and plan my week out of everything I have to do each day.” Although she expressed gratitude for her job, said she would not keep these jobs after College as she searches for her dream career. Shelby also mentioned that with family and friends to keep you going you can accomplish anything, even a hectic schedule like hers.

 “It is very difficult to live my life style and I know a lot of people could not do what I am doing. I am very lucky to have supportive friends and family to help me when I need.” – Shelby Griffith

Blair King

Blair King, another student, holds another 30+ hour a week job as an assistant manager at Finish Line in the Beavercreek Mall. I asked him for some advice to which he promptly replied, “It is definitely difficult to manage both school and work, but it is not as bad as it may seem. The key to being successful is organization and good time management skills.” He also elaborated that earlier on in his college career he had been so caught up in making money and his day-to-day life that he would sometimes lose sight of his long-term goals. He offered a familiar piece of advice, plan things out! It may not seem like it, but your schedule or calendar is your saving grace.

Aryn Copeland was also available for some off-campus job wisdom. She works 20+ hours a week as well as taking 18 credit hours so of course her life is pretty crazy at the moment. She’s even a member of council for Kappa Delta. Her advice, plan, plan, plan! Every Sunday she sits down with two planners and schedules the week accordingly.

Aryn Copeland

Off-campus jobs are hard to maintain with your school work. Many students need the extra cash to stay afloat, but many suffer the consequences of not completing their homework. From the above questions and answers I’d say the most important part of being successful in managing your time, is actually managing your time.

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