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Be a #WCRAKtivist This Week

RAK week is soon approaching, starting February 11th and ending on the 17th, Wilmington College’s SLEB Board has planned some pretty stellar things in anticipation for the Nationally-Recognized Random Acts of Kindness Week, or RAK as it’s commonly known.

Speaking with Keni Brown, President and go-to person for SLEB, she said, “This year brings a bigger feeling of hope.” She also noted that in the last few years she has been seeing significant improvement in the Random Acts of Kindness around Wilmington Colleges Main Campus. She is very eager to work with the new Board and see what ideas they bring in. She also had to pat herself and the rest of the board members on the back for creating such a fluid schedule for RAK week after last years schedule.

Keni Brown, the returning President of SLEB

Keni was also kind enough to share a few ways you can make a difference, even if it’s small, to someone around you. Firstly, her favorite was “Bring tea, coffee, or a snack to a friend who has had a long week.” She shared a heartwarming story of her friend, Hillary Mitchell, who brought her a tasty cup of chocolate coffee flavored gelato.

A few other acts of kindness that are small but have huge impacts are “[to] say good morning to at least three strangers on your way to class, pick up litter around your campus. and leave an inspirational message on your desk after class for the next person who sits there.”

RAK week at Wilmington starts off on Sunday with a side walk chalk-a-thon, then Monday in CSA is Coffee and Confidence where SLEB is teaming up with Kappa Delta to hand out free coffee and a confidence boost! You can find Macki, Kelly, and Karmiela at the Coffee and Confidence.

On Tuesday is a Valentine’s Day Card crafting table in Pyle. On Wednesday, in Pyle as well, they will be handing out clothes pins with positive messages on them to pin to someone special to you. Thursday is “Dare to be Kind,” where students will receive an envelope with a kind dare on it that can be completed. Friday is another writing day where you can write a heartfelt letter to someone or yourself and the SLEB board will deliver the letter.

“[RAK Week} simple, but it starts the trend of kindness.” – Keni Brown

Keni Brown ended with saying, “It’s simple, but it starts the trend of kindness.” She was truly excited to express your joy at being a part of this year’s RAK week. After the way 2017 went, I think everyone needs a good Random Act of Kindness.

You can join the Wilmington College’s RAK week on social media with the hashtag #WCRAKtivist and be sure to check out the RAK Week website at

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