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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Do you need something relaxing to do on a Wednesday afternoon? Well you’re in luck! Every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Professor Martha Hendricks hosts a yoga session in the Quaker Recreational Center. All she needs is for you to show up and participate!

The QRC provides mats for everyone, so if finding a mat was a concern, no need to worry now! Something stopping many people from pursuing this opportunity is having no experience, but do not fret, experience is not needed – Hendricks will be there to instruct you through it all. She has experience in teaching yoga to many age groups; therefore, she can teach anyone. During the time you will spend with Martha on Wednesday’s you will learn many asanas, or poses. One such asana you may learn is the tree pose. Yoga serves as not only a workout, but it also increases flexibility, balance, strength, and in many ways, it helps decrease stress.

To become a registered yoga teacher, Hendricks had to complete 200 credit hours.  She also studied at a school of Ayurvedic medicine in India. By definition, Ayurveda is a system of medicine that has its roots in the Indian subcontinent. Much of the globalized and modernized practices are derived from Ayurveda traditions.

During Hendricks’ time of becoming a registered yoga teacher, she learned about the underlying philosophy, which is known as Yoga Sutras. Hendricks has many talents and one of these includes knowing Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient Indic language from India and this language has Hindu scriptures, along with classical Indian epic poems that are from northern Indian languages. In Sanskrit yoga means “stilling the fluctuations of the mind”.

Stephon M’Queen is a student that has been attending Martha’s yoga sessions for a few weeks and he says, “My experience with yoga over the past few weeks has been relaxing. I decided to go because I’ve been feeling stiff lately, and I thought yoga would loosen me up for football. Speaking of football, fortunately for me, the yoga class is right before my practice so I’m able to instantly see the positive results”.

If you would like to learn if yoga can give you positive results, go check out Hendrick’s yoga class!

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