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Bringing More Entertainment to WC through APB Social Music Chair

Harbour’s set list for the evening (photo credit Nick Wiget)

On September 30, the local band Harbour played at Wilmington College outside of the Village Apartments. If more students are interested and participate in entertainment activities such as these, APB will be able to bring in more for students to do on the weekends.

Harbour, a 5-piece indie/pop/rock group with band members from Lebanon, Ohio, is the first band of the school year to provide musical entertainment to students. Ysmeen Jilani, APB’s Social Music Chair, was the student behind the planning and preparation.

I started planning this right after 4th of July,” shares Ysmeen. “I am trying to bring artists that aren’t just country so we know we’re more diverse than just agricultural [students].”

Ysmeen continues, “I of course think students should come to these because of how much time we put into planning them, but it’s something for the student body to do that’s not the same old activities.”

I would say just come out for five minutes to check it out, even if you don’t know who is playing.” – Ysmeen Jilani, APB’s Social Music Chair

Over 30 people were in attendance, but APB is hoping that more students will attend events such as this so that they can happen more often. “People were going to come and then many didn’t,” says Ysmeen. “I would say just come out for five minutes to check it out, even if you don’t know who is playing.”

The students who went to the concert were said to enjoy their time and were able to mingle with the band afterwards. “Harbour played for a full two hours, and probably didn’t leave until 45 minutes to an hour after they stopped playing,” shares Hillary Mitchell, WC student.

APB’s Social Music Chair has many plans for the rest of the school year, including karaoke nights, a performance at homecoming of the band Coastal Club, a coffee house band in the Underground, and more.

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