Cardboard Village sets sail

A. J. Ganger
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The Sweethearts were named “most creative”

From 8 p.m. on September 28 to 5 a.m. the next morning, students went to the service house to participate in Cardboard Village. Organizations around campus came together to build cardboard houses in which they would sleep that night.

“The purpose of this event is to help raise awareness about homelessness and to raise money for the Clinton County homeless shelter,” said Tara Lydy. During this event there were also movies about homelessness for the participants to watch. Many of the students did not sleep during the night, but stayed dedicated to the event by staying out in the cold to raise money for the homeless shelter and earn service hours for their respective organizations.

“There were around 190 students that pre- registered for this event, which is our biggest turn out ever for this event.” Tara Lydy said. This was the largest Cardboard Village Wilmington College has ever had.  The final count of students was over 200.  The students had to create cardboard houses based on the theme that was presented to them. This year’s theme was pirates and under the sea. Three judges picked four winners in four different categories. The most creative winner was the Sweethearts sorority, most humble winners was Faith in Action and Chi Alpha, the most homey went to the Gobblers and Delts, and the best use of the theme was DTS and DTS Lil Sis. Some of the other housing designs included pirate ships with sails.

“Sleeping in our pineapple was actually pretty warm. I can see why Sponge Bob chose to live in one. I’d like to also think that this event was a huge success,” said Beth Walker, a member of the Sweethearts sorority. Not only were students out to look at the different houses, College President, Jim Reynolds was also spotted at Cardboard Village telling each group his take on their project.

Check the Center for Service and Civic Engagement for more volunteer opportunities.

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