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Over 200 Students and 37 Companies at Career Fair

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On Monday, September 11, 2017, Wilmington College hosted a career fair, bringing in 37 different companies from around the state of Ohio and beyond. This allowed students to talk to employers, apply to internships and other positions, and network with the businesses.

Over 200 students participated in this event. Of the 200 participants, roughly a fourth of them had never been to a career fair before.

Nina Talley, Director of Career Services, orchestrated the entire event from its company participants to its publicity. Talley says that the career fair “helped students in their searches. They were engaged and talking to employers. It is all about relationship building.”

“[The career fair] helped students in their searches. They were engaged and talking to employers. It is all about relationship building.” – Nina Talley, Director of Career Services

Career fairs allow students to meet employers from many types of companies, all in a convenient location. However, the ability to make a career fair effective is in the individual’s hands.

Talley noticed that many students were not as prepared as others. She says “any time you are going to be in front of an employer, you need to have something in your hand so that employers can refer back to you and look at you as a potential candidate. They are not going to remember you and they are not going to take your name down.”

Talley could not have made the fall career fair run so smoothly if not for her team of student helpers that she calls her “Dream Team.” They helped with both company and student registration, setting up, and assisting students throughout the day.

photo credit: Randy Sarvis

One of the Dream Team members, Heather Mescher, commented that the fair “went really well. The employers were happy with the quality of students and the students were happy with the variety of companies.” Her advice for students attending career fairs is “do some thinking beforehand and prepare yourself. Then after the fair, either that night or the next day, send a ‘thank you’ note to help the employers remember you.”

The next large career fair is scheduled to be during the spring semester. There will be smaller events throughout the next few months, and companies will be featured in the Pyle Center to keep students engaged with potential employers.

Layne Frederick

Layne Frederick is a second year student. He double majors in Communication Arts and Mathematics and has a minor in Theatre. He is interested in the performing arts and enjoys watching television shows and reading books. He is also involved with STEM Society and a variety of other organizations on campus.


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