Saturday, 20/4/2019 | 4:16 UTC-4
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  • A Holiday Stuffed with History

    Thanksgiving, a holiday most of us think of as a day to stuff our faces, spend time with relatives we never see, and reflect on the aspects of life we are most thankful for; however, the holiday holds a rich history. In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a feast that became known

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  • The History of Our Favorite Easter Traditions

    Growing up, Easter was a holiday where families would come together in their best clothes, attend church, search for Easter eggs, and open baskets filled with jellybeans, chocolate, toys, and other candies. This is the tradition for most families, but have you ever thought about where these traditions originated? gives us the history of

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  • Attitudes Change on Campus Thank to Random Acts of Kindness Week

    Kindness is something that is preached from students and teachers alike. However, the actions that go along with these preachings can be few and far between. Since the average day for a college student consists of homework, sports, work, clubs, and more homework, the Service Leader Executive Board (SLEB) puts on an annual ‘Random Acts

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  • What Are Lent and Mardi Gras All About?

    Mardi Gras has a connotation of being one of the wildest parties throughout the year. However, Fat Tuesday is a long-standing tradition of the Catholic Church, and it marks the last day of ordinary time before the start of Lent, a time of fasting and repentance. The celebration dates back centuries to pagan celebrations of

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  • The Ultimate Guide for Buying Holiday Gifts

    The holiday season is slowly approaching which leaves college students aghast. As students, we have a ton of things to worry about this time of year. Finals are creeping up on us, papers need to be typed, books need returned, and studying needs to be done. The last thing on our mind is Christmas shopping

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  • College Guide to Achieving the Best Finals Grade

    The holidays are quickly approaching, much to the joy of students everywhere. Unfortunately, that also means final exams and tedious papers in practically every class. But don’t stress! Here is your guide to achieve the best grade possible: The first thing you should do to prepare for your needed studying is learn what the exam

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