Saturday, 20/4/2019 | 4:55 UTC-4
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  • Land of confusion

    Gus Sevastos Editorial and Staff Writer The purpose of this writing is not to shock or anger you, not get you to vote for a particular candidate, not to start heated debates, or to call for an overthrow of our government. The purpose of this article is to get you to think about our country.

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  • Attempt to limit online content leaves visitors unhappy

    Vctoria Burcham On October 26, 2011, Texas Republican congress member Lamar Smith, in conjunction with 12 other co-sponsors, introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). This act limits the online content of many websites such as Wikipedia, Google, and other site’s that have copyright material. They are able to black list these sites. “I would

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  • Dissecting the three statewide ballot issues

    Toni Penwell & Megan McDonough Staff Writers On November 8, Ohio voters will determine the fate of several major issues including two that, within the media, have taken center stage—the rights of residents to control individual health care options and the rights of employees to collectively bargain for pay increases and benefits. And although for

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  • WC students react to “Occupy Wall Street” movement

    Josh Shell Staff Writer Protesters from across the country have gathered combined forces in an “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Starting on Wall Street in New York, the movement has spread to cities and college campuses throughout the country. The movement aims to address what protestors believe is an unfair wealth distribution gap. Since the banking

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  • Increase in oral cancers linked to HPV

    Article by CNN Health The human papillomavirus is contributing to the growing number of head and neck cancers in the United States, according to a new study Monday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The study found that the number of cases of oropharyngeal cancer – cancers of the tonsil, back of the mouth

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