Tuesday, 23/10/2018 | 12:00 UTC-4
The Witness Newspaper
  • An Interview on Black Fashion as a Means of Expression

      Q & A with Cheyann McKee, VP and Secretary of BSI about what black fashion means to her: Q: How do you think fashion has evolved in African American culture? A: I think African American fashion has evolved in such a way that we’ve become multidimensional. What I mean by this is that we

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  • Annual “No Offense But” Safe Place For Questions

    This year Wilmington College is having its annual “No Offense But” Discussion hosted by BSI. This is an event where people are free to anonymously ask questions they would otherwise not be comfortable asking in public. Students can submit questions the weeks before during tabling at lunch and dinner. “It’s okay to ask questions especially

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  • Q&A With Brian Hickam, New Watson Library Director

    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]his semester the Watson Library welcomes Brian Hickam, the new director of the library. With a new director, the Watson Library hopes to see a few changes this year that will impact students, faculty and staff.  Question: What is your past work experience? Answer: Before coming to Wilmington College in early August, I spent five

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