Wednesday, 16/1/2019 | 9:54 UTC-5
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Cheap/Free Textbook Rentals for Next Semester


With the start of the new semester slowly creeping up, we are all worried about how we are going to afford textbooks (hint: avoid the bookstore). Buying from the bookstore might seems like a quick and easy idea. However, when hundreds of dollars are at stake, I’ll jump around from site to site and find the best deals.


They tend to have excellent deals on textbooks via Amazon Prime, or you can find them used. I found a $120 book for $15, and all I have to do is spend $5 to ship it back at the end of the semester. I’ll take that all day long.


Thriftbooks and I have become really good friends recently. This website not only have textbooks for dirt cheap, but also tons of regular books for you to enjoy. Most regular books are less than $5. The best part of this website is when you’re done with the book you can probably sell it back for more than what you paid for it.


REALLY CHEAP BOOKS. They even pay for the return shipping.


Chegg is another website is trustworthy and provides cheap textbooks. They also offer study guides, tutoring, and other resources.

Student Rate

If searching around for books is just not something you feel like doing over break don’t worry: Student Rate will do it for you! Just put in the ISBN, and the website will compare prices of your textbook for you.


Want free textbooks? Check the library. They might just have the book you’re looking for, and you don’t have to spend any money. Just make sure to get there before someone else. They usually only have a couple of copies of a book.


Grace Barger

My name is Grace Barger, and I am a junior studying English Education. One day I hope to obtain my Ph.D. and become an English professor. I enjoy painting my nails, organizing, and reading.


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