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Deals You’ll Love for the Day of Love

Valentine’s Day and college can be a tricky combination. We all want to treat our special someone to a special something, but we’re also poor, so hopefully, these deals can make it easier:

B-dubs: Because Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday, so you can celebrate Boneless Thursday, where you can get 60 cent wings all day! I’m sure you know we have one of these right in Wilmington!

Olive Garden: Olive Garden is offering a special dinner for two (to go) for $35. With this deal, you get a shareable entrée for two and a dessert. The closest Olive Garden is 44 minutes away in Dayton.

Hooters: As tradition, Hooters is offering a deal where if you bring in a picture of your ex, you will get 20 wings for the price of 10. Hooters is 52 minutes away, also in Dayton.

Papa John’s: For only $11 you and yours truly can share a heart shaped one topping pizza. Located in Wilmington, but order ahead to avoid the wait!

Chick-Fil-A: All of February, you can get a heart shaped container of nuggets, cookies, and mini sandwiches. Chick-Fil-A continues to bless us and provide the best service. 40 minutes away in Centerville – just don’t go on Sunday!

Max and Erma’s: You can get two appetizers, two entrées, and a dessert to share for $29. Located just 12 minutes north of Wilmington off of Route 68!

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