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Debunking Budgets: SGA edition

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Budgets are an intricate part of how a society functions. Here at Wilmington College, the members of the Student Government Association (SGA) are the people who allocate money to different campus clubs and organizations. Each student, upon arrival at Wilmington College each year, pays a student activity fee of three-hundred dollars. This money, among other monetary donations, is used in determining how much money is apportioned to each campus club or organization.

The SGA board has a steady, strenuous process they follow when it comes to campus budgeting, which usually lasts ten to twelve hours. Lawrence Daya, a senior Athletic Training major and President of the Student Government Association, shares, “we [SGA board] go through each budget and use our SGA budget guidelines to see what we can and cannot allocate.” Over the course of the last several years, a plethora of clubs and organizations have emerged which makes the process, “more and more difficult to give every organization what they’re asking for” continues Daya. According to the budget guidelines, which can be located on the Wilmington College home page under “SGA,” “Because the student activity fee is a mandatory fee, SGA believes that it is absolutely necessary to remain neutral in allocating the student activity fees.” The SGA board reviews all requests that have been sent in on time during their ten-hour budget allocation meeting.

Many people on campus want to know where their student activity fee is being placed and how the division of money is being decided. When budgets for this semester were released, several organizations did not feel as though they were allotted a fair budget in comparison to other organizations. A few organizations, who have had a strong presence on campus for several years, received less funding than new organizations who have recently been erected. Party politics aside, students understand that the SGA board is doing their best to divide the money evenly amongst all campus organizations and clubs, but it doesn’t answer the question many students are asking. Where exactly is our money going?


Ariana Riccardi

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