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Details of the Oct. 29 SGA Open Meeting

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted its weekly open meeting on Tuesday. All members of the Wilmington College community are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings as it is a direct form of communication to the student government.  

Approximately ten people attended the meeting. They represented SGA, APB, Faith in Action, and The Witness.

Below are the topics presented by the SGA board of the Oct. 29 meeting:

Kaleb Hubner, the vice president of administration, had nothing to report.

Chase Menchofer, the vice president of faculty, alumni, and trustees, reported that he is working with Hubner to upload the minutes of SGA open meetings to “wc@home.” He found student representatives for the assessment committee; this faculty-led committee is in charge of measuring how efficient classes are. 

Chris Zody, the vice president of SGA, reported that the Student Senate met last week. They raised concerns about the potholes in the Commons, the hours that Watson Library is open, and the new Meatless Mondays at the TOP. 

Nate Johnson, the vice president of finance, had nothing to report.

Logan Schroer, the vice president of elections, reported that he is beginning the process of updating the SGA elections process. He hopes to utilize the scrolling announcements to showcase the candidates’ platforms. Electronic voting will be used instead of the paper method. He wants the elections process to not be a popularity contest; Wil Overholt will help Schroer by encouraging students to be interested in their student government and to actively participate in it.

Overholt, the vice president of public relations, reported that the scrolling announcements in Pyle Center are available to all on-campus groups. SGA bought new pieces to repair the pool sticks located in the Underground. He asked users of the game room equipment to report damages to SGA. 

Kameron Rinehart, the president of SGA, was absent.

Sigrid Solomon, SGA’s adviser, reported that the student life committee discussed The Quake broadcasting material from the Mama Sigrid email.  

Other topic points presented by non-SGA attendees include:

APB will be going to see a Pacers basketball game on Friday; tickets are $3. On Wednesday, “Alternative Wednesday” will be presented in the Underground. The following day will feature a comedy movie night with pizza and wings being served. On Nov. 8, APB will sponsor a trip to Wiley’s Comedy Club. 

Faith in Action proposed re-allocations to its budget to reorganize how it will spend its allotted money.

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