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Diversity In Action, a Club of 1000+ Members

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Diversity in Action (DNA) is a discussion group at Wilmington College for all students, who want their voice heard. The first discussion will be entitled “Respecting America: Where are we?”

Kelly Angevine, student and President of Black Student Initiative

Chip Murdock, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, explained, “In mind, we have 1000+ members; they just don’t realize that they’re part of the group.”

DNA is not a club that has set specific meeting times; rather the group meets as certain issues arise. The point of the meeting is to be as informal and inviting as possible so that students feel comfortable in the discussion.

When Murdock was asked why the club was formed, he said: “I formed the club because I felt in my heart that our campus needs a student-driven forum to promote dialogue among divergent groups. Throughout my years here I’ve seen and heard of so many situations where people are misunderstood or simply marginalized for one particular reason; and this spanned so many avenues that I realized that the common thread was ‘misunderstanding.’ DNA is a place where everyone, meaning all sides, is invited to the table, and all at the table have a voice.

DNA is a place where everyone, meaning all sides, is invited to the table, and all at the table have a voice.” – Chip Murdock, DNA Advisor

The next group discussion does not have a set date yet, but everyone is encouraged to attend. It will be a multi-layered and thought-provoking discussion.

Andy Haag, member of SPECTRA

Murdock pointed out, “Several students took an immediate interest and deserve recognition for helping these discussions take flight. One, in particular, has been there from day one: Andy Haag. He has been the one who has driven the promotion of the discussions and deserves this shout out. Also, there have been quite a few staffers and faculty who have been stepping up to assist with discussion topics and overall diversity support. This is definitely a WC thing!

DNA exists to promote dialogue. Not everyone has to agree, but they do have to be willing to listen and acknowledge the “why” of a situation.

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