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DIY: Dorm Room Edition

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Living in a dorm room with one other person can be challenging when each of you has a year’s worth of stuff to put in one small room.

Luckily, many dorm rooms already have some storage that is already built in, including desk drawers, shelving on the desks and even shelves built into the walls. Although this is helpful, most students need additional space.

According to, there are ten ways to use the space that is already included in the dorm room and make it even better!

According to, there are ten ways to use the space that is already included in the dorm room and make it even better!

1.Under the bed storage – Buying bed raisers and under the bed storage containers will give students additional space for extra items that are not used daily.

2. Storage above the bed – Buying an over the bed shelf will not only give a student a night stand for phones and alarm clocks, but will also give them extra shelving.

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3. Closet space – The closet is the most needed space in the dorm room. Buying plastic containers, hanging shelves, and vacuum sealing extra clothes, the closet gives space for a lot of items. Also, it helps to not bring all your clothes, and trade out when going home for thanksgiving or Christmas break.

4. Desk space – Most desks already have a lot of space available, so if a student buys a lamp with storage already included, the desk drawers will have more space for items other than books.

5. Refrigerator space – The top of the refrigerator can be used for many items, including snacks, a Keurig, or other kitchen utensils. This way, all the kitchen items will be neatly in one space.

6. On the door – Although, many of us don’t think about it, the door can be used for storage as well. Buying an over the door shoe rack, could not only hold shoes, but also hold bathroom items, snacks, and other important items that are used frequently.

7. Corner space – For the corners that don’t get used, a corner shelf is another efficient way to store items.

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8. Random spaces – Like the under the bed storage, for the random spaces in a dorm room, plastic drawers can be another way to store items out in the open, including snacks, school supplies, or extra clothes.

9. Seating space – Buying ottomans with the top that comes off, is another way to store items in the dorm room. Not only are they extra seating and storage, they can also be stored underneath the bed for when they are not needed.

10. Wall space – Using command strips on the wall is an efficient way to hang pictures, mirrors, or extra jackets and scarves. They are also a great way to keep the walls clean, so the students do not get charged for damaged walls.

DIY’s are not only a fun way to get creative, but also a way to improve spaces that need a little extra to feel functional. With these DIY’s, a dorm room can go from small and cramped, to spacious and cute! All it takes is a little creativity and patience.

Samantha O'Brien

Samantha O'Brien is a double major of English and Education. In her free time, she loves to read and sing. She is also involved in the college's chorale.


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