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DIY: Halloween Edition

With little space and money, college students have difficulty decorating for the holidays. Dorm rooms are already small enough, and adding different holiday decorations can make an already small dorm room, feel smaller. Although many college students have jobs, buying snacks and other supplies for college makes buying decorations seem non-important. Finding DIY door decorations can not only solve both problems, but it also makes a dorm room cute and unique for the holiday seasons.

1.The mummy door – fabric strips, google eyes, and tape

2. The bat door- tape and bats cut out of cardboard

3. Spider web door- tape and google eyes

4. Google eye door- google eyes of varying shapes and tape

5. Frankenstein door – large sheets of green paper, and cut outs of eyes, stitches, hair, and hands cut out of poster board

6. Jack Skellington door – large sheets of white paper to make the door white, black cut outs of poster board of the eyes, nose, and mouth

7. Monster door – large red sheets of paper for the background, brown sheets of paper, various color of paper to make the eyes, and spider webs to make it look extra scary!

For something easier, a student can go to the local craft store or Wal-Mart and find other decorations that are already made. While this is an easier way to decorate, decorating by DIY is a fun way to bond with roommates, or other people in the hallway.  Just remember to have fun!

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