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Dorm Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

When parents send their kids home with thanksgiving leftovers, they think that they are taking care of their children by giving them food to eat, knowing that they’re on such a tight budget. In reality, they are sending their children home with loads of thanksgiving leftovers because they have no idea what to do with all the leftover food. We think that we’re grateful for the food because it is not often we get home cooked meals, but what do we do three days in with an abundance of leftovers we don’t want to eat? The solution: getting creative.

Leftover turkey sandwiches – add some mayonnaise to two slices of bread and add as much leftover turkey as you wish. For an even better sandwich, add some stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and any other leftover fixings you like!

Potato cakes – for the students that have a stove in their dorm building, frying mashed potatoes in a hot pan will provide a perfect midday snack!

Easy turkey soup – just add some broth, noodles, turkey, and leftover veggies into a bowl to make the perfect cold day soup!

Turkey salad – add lettuce, turkey, any thanksgiving leftovers, and mayonnaise and oil, or your favorite salad dressing for a healthy salad option.

Having leftovers does not mean having to eat the same thing day after day.

Having leftovers does not mean having to eat the same thing day after day. For students living in dorm rooms with limited appliances for cooking, just heating up leftovers seems like the only option, but an internet search and a little creativity later, Thanksgiving leftovers turns into a delicious dorm friendly meal that’s good for the budget and the stomach. Bon Appetit!


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