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Earth Day 2018 a Major Success!

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This past week, Wilmington College held its annual Earth Day event, originally put on by Corey Cockerill a few years ago. As the event has progressed, so has the growing involvement from several agencies and persons in this event at Wilmington.

This year was the largest Earth Day celebration at Wilmington College, with a total of 14 events happening from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday April 19th. Some of the events include a give-away for trees to be planted, free ice cream made from an antique engine, a sidewalk chalk display, and some livestock exhibitions. Afterwards, a group of panelists arrived including Congressmen Stivers, Senator Brown, and Senator Portman, put on by Sarah Holtsclaw – a really big deal!

“The 2018 Earth Day event has been a long time coming,” Corey Cockerill said in an interview, “This has been the most cooperative event I have ever been apart.” She was referencing the countless contributors to the Earth Day event, some of which include the Wilmington College agriculture department, Alyssa Hartley, Jason Sneed of the Clinton County Soil and Water Conservation District, Emma Marks, the WISE program, Omicron Delta Kappa, and many, many more!


This entire event was put on with ZERO budget and has been a long-running attraction at Wilmington College since Corey arrived as a professor. However, she takes no responsibility in the creation of this day; she’ll only say that it was a team effort and a wonderful partnership with everyone involved.

We can’t wait for the next Earth Day and to see what everyone can accomplish next year after such a stellar 2018 Earth Day Event.

Sam Stanley

Sam Stanley is currently a Sophomore at Wilmington College. He has a year of writing for The Witness under his belt and the drive to write more detailed stories and better articles. He is excited to start diving deeper into journalism and uncover the stories that will make you think and see from a new perspective.


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