Earth Day: Spring Cleaning for Our Globe

Maraya Wahl

Staff Writer

At Wilmington College, it is apparent to all students, faculty, and people passing by that the way that campus looks on the outside is of great importance.  The grounds are kept up very well, leaving beautiful scenery for everybody to admire.  Whether it be winter or summer, taking care of the WC environment does many good things.  It makes it a more inviting place for those who are interested in attending and a better learning atmosphere for students and faculty.  Nobody would be interested in any place where the environment is not well kept and the atmosphere may possibly be harmful or dangerous.  With this illustration, one can see the importance of Earth Day, and the need that all human beings have to live in a healthy, safe, and beautiful place in the world.

Earth Day occurs April 22nd of each year, and it is a day to remember the importance of a clean ecosystem.  The 22nd of April was said to be the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.  At the time when it began, Americans were highly unaware of the damage they were causing to the planet, whether through personal life choices or businesses and factories.  After witnessing the effects of war and carelessness with oil that damaged ecosystems and killed entire species of animals, the movement swept across the nation.  Organization was made between groups that protested, and actions began to be taken.  To this day, it is a more fundamental part of our society to live “Earth-friendly”, yet people are still in need of creating better habits before it is too late.

The true purpose of Earth Day is to remind us of the importance in taking action to making a better world.  People all across the globe plant trees, clean up their communities, and make a bond with the Earth in a natural way.  There was gardening and landscaping work being done on WC’s campus on Tuesday in honor of this holiday, including outside of Watson Library.  New flowers were planted and the grounds were redone to create a more attractive view for those walking from building to building.  Another great activity that occurs on campus is the push for students to recycle as often as possible.  One can find many opportunities at WC to be environmentally friendly.

Earth Day is a holiday in which human beings can contemplate the difficulties that we face environmentally, and what can be done about it.  Small ways to make a big impact include recycling as often as possible, avoiding all forms of littering, saving gasoline by carpooling or walking, and conserving energy by turning off appliances when they are not in use.  Being wasteful is a problem that many Americans face, and conservation is key.  Using only as much water as you need, such as when doing the dishes, taking a shower, or doing laundry, is a great habit for all people to acquire.

Although it is one day, Earth Day is something that is meant to resound to the public for the entire year.  People can build healthy habits that will make life more comfortable, and the world around them becomes a better place.  Before all the technology and mass production, there was a time when humans needed to have the connection with the Earth in order to survive.  That need is not entirely lost, but in fact is needed more than ever amidst all the distraction.  We can be part of cleaning the clutter and making the Earth a much more hospitable place to live once again.

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