Easter Activities for fun with the whole family!

Easter Sunday is a day to spend with family, catching up, laughing, and eating tons of food. When the food is put away and everyone is beginning to relax, kids can become restless, wanting to play outside, or play games as a family. For the families that do not know what activities can be done with little preparation, has ten fun activities for families to do on Easter.

Egg and Spoon Race

Jelly Bean guessing game- Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar, or guess the flavors of each jelly bean

Read Easter themed Children’s Books

Get outside and plant flowers!

Decorate a Christmas tree with Easter themed items (inside or outside)

After dinner make chocolate fondue with all the fixings

Have Easter themed crafts available

Have the kids create an Easter basket for someone else

Make Brunch together

Spend the morning at Church- It is the reason for the holiday!

Sometimes for kids, just sitting with the family can be uneventful. For parents that are tired of listening to their children complain, these ten activities can be fun for not only the children, but the whole family! Easter is a day, like all other holidays, to spend with the people you love, so why not make the day fun for everyone!

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