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Easter is for college kids too!

When thinking of Easter, most people think back to when they were kids and they would wake up Easter morning to a basket filled with candy and toys. As children get older, their parents stop making Easter baskets, but may buy them other more practical gifts. Although college kids feel like grown-ups and do not like the idea of getting an Easter basket from their parents, deep down we all know they miss waking up on Easter morning to a basket full of gifts.

But chances are, the last thing the college kid in your life needs is more junk food. 

There are many Easter ideas, instead of candy, that can be practical for college students. For a student that will be starting college next fall, a basket full of folders, notebooks, calculators, printer ink, printer paper, and pens will be helpful. Parents could also include relaxing things like a book, candles, or helpful study tips.

For college students that are more into beauty, a basket filled with their favorite beauty products might be more their style. The basket has college necessities including toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, shampoo, conditioner, and cologne or perfume. Also, included could be a gift card to a beauty product store, or nail salon.

For parents that are more concerned with their child’s safety, a basket filled with emergency items will keep everyone at ease. Basket items could include a flashlight, first aid kit, multi tool, sewing kit, medicines including flue and cold and aspirin, and batteries. If this is not enough, a AAA membership or gift card for gas or protection subscription could also be included.

With a society that is filled with technology, some college students might prefer a basket filled with technology including headphones, a phone case, stylus, flash drive, gift card to ITunes, or something more expensive like a tablet, IPod, or MP3 player.

With these four ideas, all college students are going to wish they had these baskets years ago!

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