Edges: A Song Cycle


Maraya Wahl

Staff Writer 

     Musicals and plays have a way of reaching people deep inside their hearts: whether it makes them laugh, or makes them cry, or whether it brings back memories, or reminds them of someone in their lives.  Theatre is also an important part of Wilmington College.  Through the 21st to the 23rd of November, the musical Edges:  A Song Cycle by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul was presented by the Wilmington College Department of Theatre.

     Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the songwriters, made their debut with Edges, which is licensed by Music Theatre International and has had hundreds of productions worldwide.  Edges consisted of seventeen musical ensembles and three transitions, each representing different phases and happenings in the life of a person as he or she grow up and become who he or she is.  There were few spoken lines, with the majority of the performance in song.  Although there was not a linear plot, each scene and song was connected with one another through the “plot” of life and different things that people experience.

     What gave the play at Wilmington College a unique and great performance was the amazing cast.  The cast included Wilmington College students Joshua Beck, Kylee Bristoll, Victoria Canby, Phoebe Davis, Nick Hutson, Ryan Macella, Megan McDonough, Bekah Muchmore, Ellen Short, and Kevin Wall.  Each of them put his and her best into the show and revealed the talents that are present at WC.  Marlaina Leppert-Wahl, a professor at WC who attended the play, shared, “As a professor, it was really great for me to be able to see some of my own students from various disciplines on the stage exploring their theatrical gifts in this way.” 

     Being part of activities such as plays and musicals at WC are great ways to enhance one’s college experience.  It builds connections between students and faculty, and it builds talent and performance ability for students as well as providing entertainment for others.  Josh Beck, a member of the cast, said, “I enjoyed performing with a talented group of actors.  That was probably my favorite part.  If it’s your first time auditioning…it’s important to go to at least one try out and see for yourself whether you’ll enjoy it or not.”  Not only are people who participate in theatre talented, but they are also very welcoming and encouraging.  

     To learn more about being part of the WC Department of Theatre and in future plays, go to www.wilmington.edu/theatre.    


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