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Eight Tips for Move-Out Day

Many of Wilmington College’s campus is filled with students that live on campus. For the lucky students that commute and don’t have to worry about moving out, we envy you. Not only is it that time of the year where we are stressing about the many assignments, finals, and projects, but on top of everything we are starting to stress about how we are going to move out of our dorm rooms. So, if you are a studentthat is worried about how they are going to move out almost eight months worth of stuff, has some tips for you.


  • Start cleaning before hand – don’t be afraid to do some spring cleaning and begin taking clothes and other items that are not needed during the start of the spring and summer months. Not only will you appreciate this on move-out day, but your friends and family that help you move will appreciate it as well!

  • Think about a summer storage unit – Going home with a bunch of new, big items, including a mini fridge, can be hard to store during the summer. Having a summer storage unit will not only help to store your college items and leave more space at home but will also help when moving back in the following year!


  • Don’t wait to empty trash – Waiting until move-out day to empty trash will be a hassle with other college students doing the same thing. Start cleaning and emptying trash to the dumpsters beforehand!


  • Sell your books – Don’t forget to return or sell your books back to the bookstore! You don’t want to lug home pounds of books for them to be left unused!


  • Have plenty of totes and boxes for the move – it’s easier to stack boxes and totes than trying to stack a bunch of irregular shaped trash bags!


  • Don’t forget to check and recheck your room – don’t leave without rechecking under the bed, on top of dressers and desks, and in all your dresser drawers and desk drawers. You don’t want to leave anything behind!


  • Donation is always an option – While cleaning, you might realize that you have a lot of clothes and other items that you don’t use anymore. Don’t forget to drop off these items at your local thrift store or Goodwill!


  • It’s time to move – If you’ve decided to get a summer storage unit, move those items first and pack up your items for home next. Once this is done, check for any items that didn’t get packed, and you’re off! Summer time here we come!


Moving out of your dorm room can be a challenge, but with these tips, moving doesn’t have to be. Just remember to be safe and ask for help whenever it is needed. Happy moving everyone!

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