Expressing Worship through Art at the Wilmington House of Prayer


Maraya Wahl

Staff Writer

     Wednesday November 6, Wilmington College’s Christian campus ministry – known as Chi Alpha – participated in a worship session known as “worship through art” at the Wilmington House of Prayer (WHOP).  Each week there are different ways to express worship through a type of art activity.  This Wednesday there was a still-life figure for people to sketch, as well as music playing and different passages read from The Holy Bible.  Freshman Ali Hayes, a member of Chi Alpha, shares, “We go to WHOP every Wednesday night from 8-10.  It’s such a life-changing event.  It’s such a creative and different way to express yourself.  Having such a loving atmosphere is so warming.”
     The WHOP hosts different events weekly, but it is generally open to the public.  Introduced to freshmen during fall orientation, it is a small place filled with many ways to express worship.  Some of these expressions include music, art, and written words.  Upon entering the building, there are chalkboard walls filled with Bible verses, as well as the prayer requests and praises of those who have been in the WHOP, some of those being Wilmington College students.  Janae Wicker, a freshman and member of Chi Alpha, provides her feelings towards WHOP’s environment by saying, “It provides a non-judgmental atmosphere where Christians and non-Christians can come together and worship God or just experience God.” It is a sacred place, yet a very comfortable and open place that envelopes the saying “Come as you are.”
     Members of the public and of WC are able to participate in any of the events at the WHOP, but Chi Alpha has become part of the activities happening there.  Chi Alpha is not a fraternity or a sorority, but it is a ministry that is located at many colleges around the United States.  Ken Lydy, Advisor of the Activities Programming Board, and Tara Lydy, the New Student Orientation Director, are in charge of running the events and of hosting the Bible studies.  The Bible studies, worship sessions, and special events take place throughout the week that are open to everyone regardless of background.
     The WHOP is located at 63 W. Main Street and the website is<>.  To learn more, visit the website or like “Wilmington House of Prayer” on facebook.  To learn more about Chi Alpha, visit<>.

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