Fall Orientation 2012

 A.J. Ganger
Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Wilmington College Student Life

On the weekend of August 16 through the 19, the class of 2016 was welcomed onto campus. It all started with the move-in crew helping every single new student move all of their belongings into the Austin-Pickett dorms. Energy was the key in completing this task. Every new freshmen was greeted with a smile and a helping hand in which the upperclassmen offered him or her. All of the new students had a smile on their faces and were very surprised that there were so many people willing to help them. The one thing Tara Lydy, Director of New Student Orientation told us before we began was “Treat every single student like they are welcomed here.” After all of the students were settled into their rooms, they started their Fall Orientation. I had the chance to sit down and talk to one of the peer advisors for this event. Cheyenne Wilson, a sophomore here at Wilmington College, said “I had a very special connection to this class of freshmen starting with working the summer Plunge as an assistant.”

Some of the activities during this weekend included Maximize Your Buzz- a presentation which talked about how to drink alcohol responsibly instead of just going out and getting wasted. The freshmen also got a chance to go to some of our alumni’s houses to have a nice dinner and a chance to meet some of those individuals that have been on our great campus. The biggest activity that took place during this weekend was the service project the freshmen had to complete. Last year as freshman we went to the cemetery to clean the grounds and paint the office building. This year was different; each group went out on different assignments. Cheyenne’s group went to the Clinton County Youth Council (CCYC) to clean the entire facility and paint its kitchen. She said during this activity, “My group started to come out of the shells a bit and got connected with the other members of the group. They also came together and did a wonderful job with this project.” She felt like the weekend could have been better, but overall it was a huge success.

Now that the semester has begun and everyone is getting back into the swing of going to class, the feel on campus right now is nothing short of “home sweet home.” Personally I can’t wait to make new friends and reconnect with all of the friends I made last year. To all of the freshmen: go out and meet new people, get connected on campus, and do everything you possibly can. College is only four years; make them the best four years of your life.

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