Fall theatre production opens tonight

Stephanie Thompson
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Pippin is Wilmington College’s fall production this semester. It will be performed this upcoming weekend November 15th through the 17th at 7:30p.m.

This year the cast consists of 24 students, some who have been in many previous shows here at the college and others who will be taking the Heiland Theatre stage for the first time. Each student portrays their own character that projects off the stage. Ely Bolitho has been chosen to play the main character in the show, Pippin.

One of the cast members, Leah Phillips, has been the stage manager for two years previously, and this year she will step on the stage as the character The Director.

Lois Hock commented, “This year has been a lot of hard work we’ve had a really great preparation so far, the cast and everyone helping have really done a wonderful job at pulling this show together.”

This year Steven Haines is directing the show; he has included an original twist to the script. Bekah Muchmore, a junior here at Wilmington College said, “The direction Steven has chosen is really interesting, the show has been a lot to balance this semester with classes, but we’ve all done a great job of pulling it together. The voice of my character is a real challenge for me; I try to just stay completely focused once I step on that stage.”

Better described as a play within a play that takes place in a church basement, the students not only are playing their character in the musical Pippin, they also get to play themselves.

As a new freshman, Vicki Wilson has a lot of previous experience. In high school she participated in 22 shows total- acting or directing in each one.

“The director chose a really unique concept; we’ve worked really hard. The whole cast hopes our friends and family enjoy the show,” Wilson commented.

The entire cast had clear and precise pronunciation in speech and vocals; they also have a great choral sound that projects unison from the stage.

Wynn Alexander previously directed Pippin here at Wilmington College. Alexander has been anxious to see the finished show, along with other members of the original cast who have already purchased tickets.

The success of this show wouldn’t be possible however without the people behind the scenes. Lois Hock a Theatre professor at Wilmington College created the church basement set. Carol Thomas, who recently transferred from Cincinnati State, was involved by selecting and providing props for the necessary characters and scenes. Another behind-the-scenes element is lighting on the stage to fit properly to the theme. Becky Haines will be controlling lighting and Taylor Jaehnig will be the show’s stage manager. Jaehnig is a first year here at Wilmington College.

Kevin Wall, a senior cast member said, “I feel like I’ve grown a lot since freshman year and I’m looking forward to graduating this December. It’s been a pleasure to have been involved in the theatre program over the years. I hope to stay active in the theatre however I can”.


Gigi Anderson – The College Girl

Rachel Beck – a “Trickster”

Victoria Canby – The Choreographer

Phoebe Davis – the Rookie

Susan Dicken – a Trickster

Chari Eyler – The “other” Choreographer

Abigael Knapp – a Trickster

Megan McDonough – Fastrada / The company diva

Bekah Muchmore – Berthe, Pippin’s Grandmother / Trickster

Karen Oehler – The Assistant Director

Leah Phillips – The Director

Marissa Rogers – a Trickster

Morgan Smith – Catherine

Vicki Wilson – a Designer

Marcus Benson – The Designer’s Apprentice

Ely Bolitho – Pippin

Nick Guehring – The Man of Several Faces

Zach Hughes – Charlemange / Charles

Joey Schoettelkotte – Theo

Quatez Scott – a Trickster

Kevin Wall – The stage Manager

Trae Walterhouse – Lewis

Timmy Wiederhold – The man of Several Faces

Louis Williams – The Production Assistance

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