Thursday, 18/10/2018 | 4:45 UTC-4
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Fertile Grounds Coffee, A Delicious Dream Come True

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We roast. We brew. We roam.

Fertile Grounds, the coffee of farmers. Corey Cockerill, her husband, and two kids run this successful on-the-road coffee truck business. They started their business back in June when they first bought a trailer which they sold brewed drinks. Corey has had a dream of always running her own coffee shop.

“When I was 20, I dreamed up an entire business concept around a coffee shop that would serve farmers and truck drivers–and even came up with the name, ‘Fertile Grounds.’ However, that idea was shelved. It wasn’t something we could pull off at that time. It was just a fantasy,” she said.

“When I was 20, I dreamed up an entire business concept around a coffee shop that would serve farmers and truck drivers.” – Corey Cockerill

20 years later she married a farmer and moved to Ohio. Once she got here she realized how no farmers could ever get a good cup of coffee.

Corey Cockerill and her “employees”

“From Leesburg, we have to travel at least 25 minutes to find a local coffee shop or even just fresh roasts. Instead we have farmers–who drink the bulk of coffee in the area–standing for hours around stale pots of gas-station variety coffee. My husband does this many mornings during the week. It’s just unfortunate.”

They began to experiment with green coffee beans. Overtime as they improved with their coffee, they hosted in-tasting parties and found out that they were becoming pretty good at it. They signed up for the local farmers market on the weekends and travel locally making stops in parking lots and special events. Soon people wanted to know their next stops.

They use social media to let people know their status and enjoy their time on the road. They also distribute beans to local coffee shops like Kava Haus and Batter Up Bakery.

They recently are not on the campus but they will be at the Food Truck Rally during Homecoming weekend. The website with their info and details about their business is

“We would like to claim that our coffee is roasted and brewed in the spirit of refinement. That our brand is synonymous with words like: fancy, cultured, sophisticated, and urbane. That when we sip, we raise our pinkies. But, we’d be lying.”