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First Annual Lip Sync Battle Showdown

photo: Chyann Martin (right) and Sarah Streets (left)

On Wednesday, January 24th, the Activities Programming Board held an epic lip sync battle in Pyle. Students could perform individually or as a small group.

At first, some students were hesitant to give it a gander, but after a few brave souls led the way everyone was making their way up to the stage.

Chyann Martin, a freshman Exercise Science major from Columbus, shared, “I wanted to get up there and have fun with my best friend.” When asked if she would do it again, Chyann instantly replied with a, “Yes!”

“I wanted to get up there and have fun with my best friend.” – Chyann Martin, freshman

As the night went on, we saw Chyann and her best friend Sarah Streets make another appearance to the stage. Their first song choice was “Rolex” by Ayo and Teo and it was flawlessly executed.

Tyler McManus (left) and Drew Harbour (right)

When asked about her experience performing in this years Lip Sync Battle, Sarah Streets, an Early Childhood Special Education major from Lancaster, Ohio, said, “It was a fun memory with my best friend.”

Their next song of choice was “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama, but this time they were not alone. Chyann and Sarah had their entourage accompany them to the stage and they continued to leave the crowd flabbergasted by their intrepid performance.

The next act was also a duet, but these two individuals would not be the people that come to mind when you think of the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Tyler McManus and his companion, Drew Harbour, took the stage and left the crowd gasping for air due to their hilarious performance. The choreography they put to the music was also astounding. The audience was satisfied, as were the judges.

Tyler Mcmanus, a Freshman from Lancaster, Ohio, said, “It seemed like fun and I thought it would be a good idea.”

The night was definitely a night for iconic duo performances. I am positive that Troy and Gabriella would be immensely jealous if they attended the Lip Sync Battle at Wilmington College.


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