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First SGA Open Meeting for New VP of Administration

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted its weekly open meeting on Tuesday. All members of the Wilmington College community are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings as it is a direct form of communication to the student government.  

Approximately eleven people attended the meeting. They represented SGA, APB, AMSA, the Quaker Thunder Pep Band, and The Witness.

This was the first open meeting for the new vice president of administration, Kaleb Hubner. Hubner was recently elected to fill the vacancy after the previous vice president of administration, Cody Martin, stepped down. 

Below are the topics presented by the SGA board of the Oct. 15 meeting:

Kaleb Hubner, the vice president of administration, had nothing to report.

Chase Menchofer, the vice president of faculty, alumni, and trustees, had nothing to report.

Chris Zody, the vice president of SGA, had nothing to report.

Nate Johnson, the vice president of finance, had nothing to report.

Logan Schroer, the vice president of elections, had nothing to report.

Wil Overholt, the vice president of public relations, reported that there will be an SGA forum on Oct. 22 in the T.O.P. Starting next week, Overholt will use the SGA Instagram account to post spotlights on all of the Student Senate members that submitted materials. 

Kameron Rinehart, the president of SGA, had nothing to report.

Sigrid Solomon, SGA’s adviser, reported that the copier in Pyle had been fixed. She gave kudos to all of the students who assisted in keeping the Underground clean. The board of trustees will be on campus this weekend. Menchofer is responsible for submitting a report on behalf of the student body to the board of trustees.

Other topic points presented by non-SGA attendees include:

A Sodexo representative asked for feedback regarding the service that Sodexo provides. The Food Committee meets every fourth Tuesday of each month. All students and faculty are welcome to attend and give feedback regarding the dining on campus.

APB will be going to Halloween Haunt at Kings Island and the Ohio Renaissance Festival this weekend. Their camping trip has been rescheduled for this weekend as well. On Tuesday, there will be a cultural movie night with a potential partnership with BSI. Next Friday will feature a tie-dye event. A trip to Twisted Trails will occur on the following day. 

The Quaker Thunder Pep Band sought information regarding fundraising. 

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) requested SGA to rearrange the money in its current budget to better fit its event planning. A question regarding flyer costs was proposed. Every organization can budget $50 for flyer creation; they are to see SGA for details and account numbers.  

The scrolling announcements in Pyle Center are open to all organizations to use. Content must be in a JPEG file and be approved by Ashleigh Wellman for brand compliance and by Student Affairs. Content should be submitted to Overholt.

SGA plans on featuring the Student Senate during the upcoming forum. Meeting times for the Senate are subject to be changed. Minutes for the Senate meetings will eventually be made public. 

Senate meetings are currently closed to the public because the members are writing their constitution, which will replace the current ORT constitution located in the SGA constitution. Committees within the Senate are being formed—the only one operating is in charge of drafting bylaws for the Senate’s constitution. Senate meetings will become open only if the Senate decides to do so.

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