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Five Musicals to Watch as Suggested by a Theater Student

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We can all admit we like to sing a little show toon every now and then. But sometimes we need something new and refreshing. Even if you belt out Hamilton lyrics or try to hit the one note from Sweeney Todd, you always want more. Here are some shows to check out next time you want to have a one man performance alone in your room.


This musical is based off of the book Wicked: The life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. This tale is about the untold story of the Wicked Witch of the West and her unlikely friend Glinda the Good Witch. You travel along through their journey of their college days, actually meeting the Wiz, and adulthood. It’s most known songs are “Defying Gravity”, “Popular”, and “For Good”. Wicked has grabbed attention of people everywhere. Time Magazine says, “If every musical had the brain, the heart, and the courage of Wicked, Broadway would be a magical place.” It is the eighth longest running show on Broadway with 5,803 performances so far.


Based on the 1988 film, this musical talks about controversial issues such as: teen suicide, murder, bullying, homophobia, and gun violence. With still having a sense of humor, it follows the journey of Veronica Sawyer who finds her way into a reckless clique at Westerburg High, the Heathers. She makes the mistake by falling in love with JD then Heather Chandler, the group leader, kicks he rout the group. She decides to take a risk and bite the bullet for Heather, but JD has other plans. One top song in this musical is “Candy Store” sung by Heather.

School of Rock

Based on the film of the same name, School rock follows the story of Dewey Finn, wanna be rock star, who poses as a substitute teacher at a prep school filled with over achieving, straight-A students.  He soon discovers his students’ musical talents turning them into a mind-blowing rock band. While teaching his own students he soon falls for the head mistress and helps her find her inner wild child again.  It’s most known songs are “You’re in the Band” and “Stick it to the Man.”

Kinky Boots

Based off the indie movie, Kinky Boots is about Brit Charlie Price who had left his family’s shoe factory to live with his controlling girlfriend in London. After the death of his father, he returns back home to manage the now struggling shoe factory. He tried to find a way to keep it going but seems like all else will fail. He meets Lola, a drag queen, who gives him the idea to make women shoes for men. They soon start making these “kinky boots” under their supervision. How long can they actually keep this up? Can these two very different men become friends at the end? The music ranges from pop, to tango and everything between. Some audience favorites are “Sex in the Heels”, “Hold Me in Your Heart”, and “Land of Lola”.


Based on the 1996 film, we follow the bright little intelligent Matilda Wormwood. Constantly getting being belittled by her parents, her father harping up on her “stupidity” for reading instead of watching tv, and her harsh headmistress who enforces strict and harsh rules on her and her classmates. She still manages to keep her smile bright, imagination growing, and her mind sharp. With the help of her protector and teacher, Ms. Honey, she makes her dream of a better life come true. Crowd favorites would be “School Song” and “When I Grow Up”.


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