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Fourteen Tips for Acing Finals Week

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It’s happening everyone! The semester is almost over! This may be an exciting time for some because that means sunshine, vacation, and summer, but before you get too excited, we need to get through finals first. You may be thinking, “Oh God, how am I supposed to do this??” but don’t worry, has some tips for you!


  1. Take advantage of school events! – Don’t forget about late-night breakfast, later hours in the library, and having a break at the Paint Party!
  2. Exercising – Exercise is the perfect way to take a break and work off some of that built up tension
  3. Eating healthy and drinking water – This will keep our brain working at its best for the upcoming studying sessions and finals
  4. Don’t forget to breathe!
  5. Make sure to eat a well-balanced meal before your final – it’s never a bad idea to eat, but especially to eat and take a well-needed break
  6. Getting quality sleep – Staying up all night to study is never healthy! Make sure to sleep whenever its needed!
  7. Take breaks – This gives your brain a much-needed break and allows for your brain to retain the information
  8. Find a good study space! – Find someplace that is quiet with little distractions
  9. Use a planner – Don’t forget about your other assignments! Planning to make sure you have time for everything is key to success
  10. Ask for help! – Don’t be afraid to ask professors for help when you don’t understand the material!
  11. Take a mental health break! – Talk with family, friends, or counselors to relieve stress or anxieties that are building up
  12. If you can, stay ahead! – Work on projects and assignments whenever you have the chance! You don’t want to be behind on finals week!
  13. Use study groups
  14. Double check exam times!

Finals are tough, but Wilmington College has the resources and staff to make finals week a breeze! Don’t forget to breathe! Good Luck!

Samantha O'Brien

Samantha O'Brien double majored in English and Education. In her free time, she loves to read and sing.


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