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Get ready for spirit jugs

Dani Krabbe and Stephanie Thompson
Staff Writers

Spirit Jugs- final product

This is a great way to pass an hour or so on a weekend afternoon in October.

You Will Need:

  • clean gallon milk jugs
  • black permanent marker
  • craft knife
  • string of clear low-wattage Christmas lights


Step One: Draw some spooky faces on your milk jugs.

Draw faces on the clean, empty plastic jugs

Step Two: Color in the faces!






Step Three: Using the craft knife, cut a hole in the lower backside of the jug. About the size of a half dollar (or maybe a little bigger)

This is the hole through which the lights will go






Step Four: Line all of your ghosts up and stuff several lights in each one!

Step Five: To finish, place your group of glowing spirit jugs along your walkway or front porch, to give your living space a spooky touch!

Maraya Wahl

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