Saturday, 23/2/2019 | 8:53 UTC-5
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Goodies for Goblins Campus Trick-or-Treat

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Goodies for Goblins was on November 2, put on by RSA. The kids trick or treated around the dorms then went into McCoy to play games. Kappa Delta had puffy painting, Omegas had face painting, Kappas had pin the spider on the web, Lil’ Sis had toss the ring on the witches’ hat, Lambda Chi had “Guess what’s in the box,” Sig had a haunted house, and TKB handed out candy at their house. Lastly, they left with pizza and cookies to end the night.


Savanna Burcham

Savanna is a senior, business major, swimmer, and Kappa Delta. She likes to take long walks with her cat.


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