Greek Games come to an end

Megan Phillips
Staff Writer


The fall semester Greek Games have come to an end with the Lambda Chis and Kappa Deltas taking the lead. The games were held on Monday with dodge ball, Tuesday with volleyball, and Wednesday with an eating contest and quiz bowl. The eating contest included McDonald’s double cheeseburgers—the guys had to eat four burgers, while the girls had to eat two. The Lambda Chi and Kappa Deltas took the lead in both dodge ball and volleyball. The Sweethearts and TKB won the eating contest, and the Delts and TKB won the quiz bowl.


Justin Arehart, a member of the Lambda Chi fraternity said, “ I love the overall competitiveness of Greek games and how it brings all the Greek organizations closer together and bond with each other.” Arehart said he is looking forward to playing air band next semester with his brothers because it is one of his favorite events.


Hannah Bernthold a member of the DTS Lil Sis sorority said she loves coming together with her brothers and sisters and having fun while trying to compete with other Greeks. She said the hardest thing about Greek games is when people get too into the game and forget that it is also for fun. Bernthold is also looking forward to air band in the spring semester and having that time together with her DTS and DTS Lil Sis family.


The spring semester Greek Games will be held again once the spring pledge season ends. The events held then will be air band, water polo and relays, crab soccer, and the obstacle course. The spring season will be very competitive and full of many events for everyone. Come out in the spring and enjoy some friendly competition.

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