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Harcum Gallery Displays Work of Local Artist David Kline

The last professional art exhibit to be displayed in the Harcum Art Gallery opened on March 22, 2018. It features the work of local artist David Kline.

The display is vastly comprised of delightful landscape paintings, all ranging in detailed seasons and subject matter.

Curator Hal Shunk discussed what inspired him to choose this artist: “I’ve always seen his work and it occurred to me that this word be a perfect show. It would be a wonderful thing for the community and also for David”

The entire exhibit consists roughly of 30 paintings, watercolor and oil, and several sketches, all of which are available for purchase.

“He works a lot outside, working three, four hours, goes to lunch, and comes back,” remarked Shunk about Kline’s work method. “He’s a bright spot in the art community and very talented.”

“He’s a bright spot in the art community and very talented.” – Hal Shunk, Curator

Many community members and students were in attendance during the opening. All admired the work with familiarity, pleased to see simple views recreated so magnificently.

“I look for something that is teachable. People should be exposed to something different and new. They don’t have to like it, but they need to know its out there. With this exhibit, however, I want people to know we are still making traditional art.”

The exhibit runs until April 27. All are welcome to visit the gallery during operating hours. If interested in purchasing any artwork, contact Hal Shunk at

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