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Have Treats, Not Tricks!!

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Halloween night was always so much fun as a kid. Children walk around with their siblings and parents, dressed in cute costumes, collecting a variety of candies to fill their candy bags. The only downfall of Halloween night was walking up to a house with no candy, or a house with odd treats. According to, here are a few ways to not disappoint on Halloween night.

1.People that are home need to pass out candy.

2. Decorate or turn on a light to let the trick or treaters now that candy is being passed out.

3. Do not give out hygiene products.

4. If candy is not an option to be passed out, make treats instead.

5. Be careful! If you are not home, know that children WILL take more than one piece of candy.

6. No weird candies or treats! No raisins or black licorice!

7. Don’t be afraid to give more than one piece of candy! Handfuls are appreciated!

8. When passing out candy, mention the different costumes! Kids love when they think their costumes are the best.

9. Letting your kids help with the candy being passed out is cute and all, but make sure they are speedy about it. Kids do not want to be kept from the other houses full of candy!

One of the few nights out of the year that children can eat a bunch of candy is Halloween. To keep the night fun and full of candy, homeowners need to follow these nine rules. This will give the children a wide variety of delicious candy, memories to remember for a lifetime, zero disappointments, and the best Halloween!

Samantha O'Brien

Samantha O'Brien is a double major of English and Education. In her free time, she loves to read and sing. She is also involved in the college's chorale.


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