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How to Save Your Semester. Starting Today.

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Ah, January. It’s a new semester on the Wilmington College campus. Classes have just begun and your GPA is still a shining beacon of hope. Life is good.

You deserve for life to be so good! Remember how stressed out you were last fall? Finals, cramming, drinking gallon after gallon of coffee just to make it through the day?

Remember when life looked a little less like this…

Less thrive, more survive?

Me too. But does it have to be that way? Does every semester have to end on that note? Here are a few tips on how to keep your spring semester from being a slow, painful spiral downwards into “dear God please let me turn this D into a B- by Thursday.”

1. Start now

Here’s the thing, folks. It’s a lot easier to save a grade in week three than it is in week fourteen. I get it, you don’t want to do homework. But think of how much less you’re going to want to do homework after doing twelve weeks of homework. You’re fresh right now so lean the frickle-frackle in. Get As while the assignments are easy so that when you show up to class in March and realize you forgot to write that paper, you’re not trying to resuscitate a grade that’s DOA.


2. Do the extra credit

You might think that you won’t need those extra points– and you may not!– but if you do, you’re going to be peeved that you passed up an opportunity to improve your grade. Take care of your future self and get those bonus points while you can.


3. Get ahead



You know that syllabus you got the first day of class that is now living its worst life stuffed into the bottom of your backpack? That syllabus is your friend! Even just a cursory weekly glance at what’s coming up will help you keep your assignments tracked. You see you’ve got two tests, sixty pages of reading and a big paper due the same week? Maybe consider knocking out that reading a little early. I know it doesn’t sound fun but, hey, you’re going to have to do it eventually, right?***


***The author here operates under the assumption that college students do their assigned reading for all of their classes because they just love learning so much.


4. Go to class


What in the name of all that is Quakerly are you doing at college if you don’t go to class? Easy. Points. Just show up. Even when you don’t want to or you didn’t do the assignment. Every time you skip class you’re losing, like, sixty bucks and points off your final grade.


5. Avoid the midterm slump

Midterms is prime “I’m just going to give up for like a minute” time. Sometimes we work ourselves into this mindset that if we can just make it to spring break we’ll return to campus new people, ready to make up for past mistakes. Here’s the thing, though: a week on the beach, at home or dancing on a table isn’t necessarily going to make you feel ready to turn it around for the second half of the semester. Every day that you work hard makes the next day a little easier to manage, so start now to keep yourself from falling apart at midsemester.


6. Take care of yourself


Going to college should be one long act of self love. You’re here to grow up, to learn, and to become a better version of yourself. And you’re probably spending a pretty good chunk of cash to do that. So make it worth it. All the practices on this list are choices that you can make to make life easier for you. You’re still going to skip class, forget assignments and feel the finals stress, but you can handle those situations knowing that you’re intentionally caring for yourself and your success every step of the way.




Hillary Mitchell

Originally from Northern Kentucky, Hillary is a freshman and a Communications major. She is a passionate writer and photographer and believes in making the world better by doing what she loves. She is a big fan of Marvel comics, vinyl records, driving with the windows down and snapbacks.


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