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Individuals: They’rrre Great!

On Sept. 17, 2018, Jason Dixon came to Wilmington College to talk to students about taking care of themselves and empowering his audience to think, “I’m kind of a big deal” about themselves. During his presentation, Dixon talked about how telling yourself “you are important” helps with prioritizing your life and what is most important to you. Realizing that you are a big deal is where it all starts.

A freshman who attended the event said, “The ‘Greatest Coach’ speech was very entertaining yet informative with a touch of inspiration.”

Many people don’t have the confidence in themselves that they should, leading to attempts of harm. In order to decrease harm rates, such as suicide, celebrating oneself is an important aspect that can improve the way you see yourself. It all begins when YOU believe that YOU are worthy of any and everything. Believing in yourself and celebrating yourself is where your life begins, because YOU are important.

Shawndale Arrington, a freshman on campus, said “I can see myself being more self-centered in a way that I can project my unique potential in the world.”

It is important that, as a person and as your own individual, you do not let others opinions of you get to your head because your opinion is the only one that matters. As long as you believe you are worthy of everything, then you are on top of the world. It all starts with the courage of viewing yourself through a different set of lenses. Your full and true potential will shine the brightest, as long as you don’t allow someone to dim your sparkle. Realizing that you are the only you in this world and that you shouldn’t be taken for granted based on someone else’s judgements.

The hardest thing for anyone to do is prioritize themselves first, but when they do, they will feel like they are improving themselves. By labeling yourself as “most important,” you will take better care of yourself; better care means fewer instances of harm. Perhaps this is the message Dixon is spreading.

Arrington continues by saying that, “Dixon faithfully feels that the more that people acknowledge their true potential will decrease the rate of suicide.”

If you need help prioritizing yourself, Wilmington College offers many resources. Seek out the Student Success Coaches or even Counseling Services. Wilmington College is on your side.

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